Kittens for Dummies (2 foto´s)


Auteur: Rainbolt, Dusty, Uitgever: Wiley Publishing, 336 pagina's, Engels, Gepubliceerd in 2003. Boeknummer van verkoper: 190580198.


2003, goed paperback,336 pagina's, bericht aan eigenaar op binnenkant kaft. Who can resist the charm of a kitten, those energetic, curious creatures whose cuteness factors fall somewhere between adorable and irresistible? But as animal shelters across the country can attest, those enchanting balls of fluff quickly mature into full-grown cats with their own requirements for healthy, happy lives.Kittens For Dummies is your source for understanding what you can expect if you decide to welcome a high energy and high maintenance four-legged friend into your home. You'll not only figure out if you're ready to fit a kitty into your lifestyle, but also how to go about Adopting or buying the right kitten for you Making sure your home is kitten-proof Introducing your new pet to children and other pets Preventing and treating feline illnesses Dealing with behavioral issues Rescuing an orphaned kitten.

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Kittens for Dummies (2 foto´s)

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Kittens for Dummies (2 foto´s)

Hoofdtitel Kittens for Dummies (2 foto´s)
Uitgever Wiley Publishing
Auteur(s) Rainbolt, Dusty
Taal Engels
Pagina's 336
Publicatiedatum 2003