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Written in the Stars
The Wider View
The Blues Collection nr. 52
The Sacred Egyptian Initation
Water plants of the World
Atom and Individual in the Age of Newton
The Duration Canyon
The Movies
The Victoria and Albert Museum
The Illustrated London News
The Physics of Immortality
The Concise Planetary Ephemeris for 1900 to 1950 A.D.
What Remains to be Discovered
Six Fairy Tales by the Danish Writer Hans Christiaan Andersen
Alias Billy the Kid
A History of the Crusade vol. II
Secrets of the Inner Mind
The Cinderella Story
The Golden Ring
I am Responsible: The Hand of AA
The Rose-Garden Game
Photograms of the Year 1959
The Etheric Body of Man
The Blues Collection nr. 14
Lives of the Later Caesars
The Penquin Concise English Dictionary
The National Trust Guide
The 5th Miracle
The Bodley Head vol.3
The Accountant's Story
The Heritage of Apelles
The Structure of Biblical Myths
Triumph in the West 1943-1946
The Age of Reason
The Letters of Dorothy L
The Past Displayed
History of the Later Roman Empire
The New Asian Memisphere
The Quest for Mind
German Prisoners in Great Britain
Foreign Devils on the Silk Road
The Blues Collection nr. 40
The Crecy War
Lord of the Underworld
The American Language
The Wallace Collection
The Role of Historical Scholarship III
Imperial Life in the Qing Dynasty
The Oxford Anthology of English Literature Vol. 1
The Traveler's Guide to Denmark
The Art of Banking
The Bodley Head vol.4
The Hidden Side of Christian Festivals
The Cosmic Code