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Triumph in the West 1943-1946
The Illustrated Pepys
The Role of Historical Scholarship III
The Shaky Game
The Travels of Marco Polo
The Accountant's Story
A Century of Ambivalence, 1881 to the Present
The Bark Tree
The Quest for Mind
The Blues Collection nr. 52
The Cigar Companion
Lord of the Underworld
Written in the Stars
From Brains to Consciousness?
The Visions Seminars 2
Ploughing the Sea
A Journey to the Western Island of Scotland
The Structure of Biblical Myths
The Foundadtions of Newton's Alcemy
Nothing Ever Happens to the Brave
Photograms of the Year 1947
The 5th Miracle
Six Fairy Tales by the Danish Writer Hans Christiaan Andersen
Photograms of the Year 1959
The Edge of Infinity
The Etheric Body of Man
The Big Change 1900-1950
A History of the Crusades vol. III
The American Political Tradition
Scandinavian Design Beyond the Myth
The Divine Plan
The World Within
The Blues Collection nr. 14
Managing in the next Millenium
Peasant Paintings from Huhsien County
The Murderess
What Remains to be Discovered
The Bodley Head vol.3
The Illustrated London News
The Traveler's Guide to Denmark
The World Atlas of Wine
The Light of Asia
The Wall Chart of World History
The Book of London
The Rosamunde Picher Collection
The Streets were Paved with Gold
The Letters of Dorothy L
From Kahikatea to Kumara
The Astrology of I Ching
The Struggle For Democracy
The Rape Observ'd
Alias Billy the Kid
The Left Hand of Creation