The Dutch, I presume?


Auteur: Rooi, Martijn de, Uitgever: N & L, 6e editie, 144 pagina's, Ingenaaid met slappe kaft en omslag, Nederlands, ISBN: 9789085410126, Gepubliceerd in 2008.


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Icons of the Netherlands

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The Dutch, I presume?
The Dutch, I presume?

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The Dutch I presume

Hoofdtitel The Dutch I presume
Ondertitel icons of the Netherlands
Uitgever N&L Publishing, N & L
Auteur(s) de Rooi, Martijn, Rooi, Martijn de
Druk 9e druk
Editie 6e editie
Taal Nederlands
Pagina's 144
Productvorm Paperback / softback
Geïllustreerd Ja
Publicatiedatum 12-2010
ISBN 9789085410126

Flaptekst The Dutch I presume

Do I need flippers when I visit the Netherlands?

Of course you don't: dykes keep the water out, and it doesn't rain 366 days a year. This book deals with the forty best-known Dutch features and stereotypes, from windmills to Cruijff and from Rembrandt to the typical toilet. Were the clog and the infamous cheese slicer really Dutch inventions? How come some Dutch masters went bankrupt in the tulip trade? And why have most Dutch never heard of world-famous Hans Brinker? Providing the facts and unravelling the myths, this book gives you the essentials on living in the polders, and will even help you survive a Dutch birthday party.