A Guide To Playing The Hobbit


Auteur: David Elkan, Uitgever: Melbourne House, Engels, ISBN: 9780861611614 (ISBN10: 0861611616). Boeknummer van verkoper: 51281.


1984, 76 pag., Used, Very Good. Finally! A guide to playing the most exciting and challenging adventure today, The Hobbit. This book is designed to provide assistance in three stages, each stage becoming progressively less difficult. The first section forms a general introduction to playing The Hobbit. Broad outlines are given as to the general strategies and tactics involved in playing the game. A general mapping method is recommended. The book's second section expands on the hints already contained within the Hobbit program, detailing only those problems where help might be needed. Where several hints are given, these are code to preserve a certain degree of difficulty. The third and final stage is in the form of a reference section which can be used as and when required, and gives a more detailed solution to each location. A Guide To Playing The Hobbit, whilst providing solutions to the problems which are encountered, aims to preserve as far as possible the qualities of challenge and discovery which are so much a part...

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A Guide To Playing The Hobbit

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A Guide To Playing The Hobbit

Hoofdtitel A Guide To Playing The Hobbit
Uitgever Melbourne House
Auteur(s) David Elkan
Taal Engels
ISBN 9780861611614