Profiting from the Sinclair QL


Auteur: Miles, Barry, Uitgever: Hutchinson, 208 pagina's, Paperback, Engels, ISBN: 9780091605414 (ISBN10: 0091605415), Gepubliceerd in 1985.


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The Sinclair QL Series. This book, is designed to help all users of the Sinclair QL get the most out of the Psion Abacus spreadsheet package. It takes the reader from the elementary level through to the more advanced, and emphasis is placed throughout on the practical business of making the computer do most of the work (rather than the operator!) and on exploiting the facilities of Abacus to the full. The book covers the finer points of spreadsheet technique and both advanced commands and the use of the spreadsheet for a wide variety of real-life applications are discussed. Both financial and non-financial applications of Abacus are presented.

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Profiting from the Sinclair QL
Profiting from the Sinclair QL

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Profiting from the Sinclair QL

Hoofdtitel Profiting from the Sinclair QL
Uitgever Hutchinson
Auteur(s) Miles, Barry
Taal Engels
Pagina's 208
Productvorm Paperback
Publicatiedatum 1985
ISBN 9780091605414