Programming your ZX Spectrum


Auteur: Hartnell, Tim, Uitgever: Interface, 231 pagina's, Paperback, Engels, ISBN: 9780907563198 (ISBN10: 0907563198), Gepubliceerd in 1982.


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Your ZX Spectrum is a powerful computer and this book will help you make the most of it. From first principles, right through to quite complex programming techniques, this book leads you step by simple step through the art of programming your new computer. The contains more than 100 programs and routines, all guaranteed to run, designed to get your computer up and running with interesting and worthwhile programs from the moment you switch it on. The book is by Tim Hartnell, one of the UK's leading experts on small computer systems, and best-selling author of a number of ZX books, including, 'Getting Acquainted with your ZX81', '49 Explosive Games for the ZX81' and 'Making the Most of Your ZX80'. He is also author of the authorative 'Personal Computer Guide', published by Virgin Books; 'The Book of Listings' (co-author Jeremy Ruston), published by the BBC; and 'Let Your BBC Micro Teach You to Program', published by Interface. He is a regular contributor to the monthly computer magazines, and answers readers' queries each month in Your Computer. Tim is editor of the bi-monthly magazine 'ZX Computing', Britain's biggest magazine for the Sinclair user. In this book, Tim is joined by Dilwyn Jones, an experienced computer programmer of many years standing. Dilwyn has made a special study of ways of getting the maximum use out of ZX computers, and shares his findings with you in this book. Interface books are designed to make the art of computer programming simple, and inviting, and this books follows strongly in this tradition.

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Programming your ZX Spectrum
Programming your ZX Spectrum

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Programming your ZX Spectrum

Hoofdtitel Programming your ZX Spectrum
Uitgever Interface
Auteur(s) Hartnell, Tim
Taal Engels
Pagina's 231
Productvorm Paperback
Publicatiedatum 1982
ISBN 9780907563198