Red Square


Auteur: Cruz, Smith Martin, Uitgever: Random House Group, 418 pagina's, Gebonden met omslag, Engels, ISBN: 9780679416883 (ISBN10: 0679416889), Gepubliceerd in 1992.


Staat: Tweedehands

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Sometimes, Arkady had the feeling that, while he had been away, God had lifted Moscow and turned it upside down...The night outside was still white. Arkady wasn't sleepy or hungry. He felt like the perfect new Soviet man, designed for a land with no food or drink. He got up and left the office. Enough. It began with the unmourned death of Rosen, one of Moscow's new breed of black marketeers; seemingly a clear-cut case of murder. Although Renko has been recently reinstated at the Moscow Prosecutor's office, the case begins to slip from his grasp. But his determination never to let go leads him to Munich and Berlin - back into the life of Irina, a woman he though he had lost forever.

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Red Square
Red Square

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Red Square

Hoofdtitel Red Square
Uitgever Random House Group
Auteur(s) Cruz, Smith Martin
Taal Engels
Pagina's 418
Productvorm Gebonden met omslag
Publicatiedatum 1992
ISBN 9780679416883