The Times Book of Computer Puzzles & Games...


Auteur: Bradbeer, Robin, Uitgever: Sidgwick & Jackson, 160 pagina's, Paperback, Engels, ISBN: 9780283991646 (ISBN10: 028399164X), Gepubliceerd in 1984.


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For the Sinclair Spectrum. Sidgwick and Jackson have joined with The Times to produce this book of challenging puzzles and games to be solved and played using the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer. Computer expert Robin Bradbeer and Harold Gale of MENSA have made their selection on the basis of their originality and entertainment value, whilst at the same time, ensuring that they are at an approachable level to appeal to as wide an audience of computer hobbyist as possible. Over thirty games and puzzles are included, complete with program listings in BASIC, description of game or puzzle, its objective and a screen shot.. They range from the mind-numbing Blocks- a superb Rubik's Cube-like game with excellent graphics- through a variety of difficult puzzles and stimulating games to Shunting whose objective is to use and engine to transfer carriages to a station and trucks to a depot leaving the engine in the siding- seems easy until you try it! This compelling book will provide hours, days and even weeks of thought-provoking entertainment for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum owner.

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The Times Book of Computer Puzzles & Games...
The Times Book of Computer Puzzles & Games...

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The Times Book of Computer Puzzles & Games...

Hoofdtitel The Times Book of Computer Puzzles & Games...
Uitgever Sidgwick & Jackson
Auteur(s) Bradbeer, Robin
Taal Engels
Pagina's 160
Productvorm Paperback
Publicatiedatum 1984
ISBN 9780283991646