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A Dream From The Night
A Heart is Stolen
A Man from Alamein
A Nightingale Sang
A Touch of Love
Bride to the King
Dead Centre
Digital fortress
Go Tell It on the Mountain
Goodbye Baby & Amen
In Search of Schrödinger's Cat
In Search of the Double Helix
Ireland a terrible beauty
Journeys Out Of The Body
Love Climbs In
Love for Sale
Love in the Clouds
Midnight Over Sanctaphrax
Mission Flats
Once Is Not Enough
Sight Unseen
Signpost to Love
Small Gods
Sophies Choice
Sophie's Choice
State of Emergency
The 158-Pound Marriage
The Chieftain Without a Heart
The Cobra
The Da Vinci Code Decoded
The Dawn of Love
The Destruction of Dresden
The Disgraceful Duke
The Fifth Elephant
The Hedgehog
The Past is Myself
The Templar Revelation
Thief of Time
Vote for Love
Wine is the Best Medicine