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Beyond their Sex Beyond their Sex Labalme, Patricia A. 9780814749982 New York University Press
1980 188 pagina's Goed The learned woman of earlier periods of European history was a contradiction in terms. Intellection, considered since antiquity as the highest human function, was also... ★★★ € 33,95 Bestellen
The Medieval Experience 300-1400 The Medieval Experience 300-1400 Claster, Jill N. 9780814713815 New York University Press
1982 398 pagina's Zeer goed, kaft goed ★★★★ € 12,95 Bestellen
The U.S Balance of Payments and the Sinking Dollar / Introduction by Harold M. Hochman / An International Center for Economic P Schmidt, Wilson E. New York University Press
1979 157 pagina's 1979 157pp paperback; biblioboek ;Engelstalig € 5,50 Bestellen
Theories of Art: From Plato to Winckelmann Theories of Art: From Plato to Winckelmann Barasch, Moshe 9780814710616 New York University Press
394 pagina's Paperback, 23 cm, 394 pp. Underlinings in pencil. Cond.: goed / good. ISBN: 0814710611. ★★★ € 10,00 Bestellen