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A Theory of Economic History
Anglo-Saxon England
Charles II
Flat and Curved Space-Times
Goth and Romans 332 - 489
Incomes Policy
Inward Bound
Lancelot Andrewes the Preacher 1555-1626
Laws and Explanation in History
Niels Bohr's Times in Physics, Philosophy and Polity
Objective Knowledge
Old Friends New Enemies
Pythagoras Revived
Quantum Mechanics
The Anthropic Cosmological Principle
The Borders of Vision
The Concise Oxford Dictionary
The Concise Oxford Dictionary
The Philosophy of Induction and Probability
The Poet Wordsworth
The Rape of the Lock and its Illustrations
The Scientifc Image
The Short Story in English
The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, volume 1 and II
Theoderic in Italy